There’s nothing like the promise of an innovation project to get everyone in a tizzy. 

Many groups we’ve worked with have been tempted by the glow of a shiny one-off innovation project.

We’re going to crack it!

The mistaken assumption is that, with lots of energy and goodwill, a new step-change innovation will be conceived.

You’re wrong.


  1. To achieve step change innovations, typically you need a few cracks at the challenge.
  2. You need to be innovating constantly to achieve a competitive innovation advantage.
  3. Even if you hatch a viable step-change innovation, you need a receptive culture to deliver it to market and to support it.

Build innovation into your BAU

In order to get the most from your teams, and to build innovation into your business, here are a few tips:

  1. Set out an open challenge to your teams; “How might we…?” is a good way of framing it.
  2. Make some time available for them to explore the challenge.
  3. Important: make it a routine – just a day or two per quarter, maybe monthly!
  4. Celebrate it and promote it.

This will pay off.

Next steps after you start this innovation routine

  1. The three horizons strategy.

More soon.


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