GAS stands for “Guest And Shearer” – G. A. S. – and is a consultancy made up of Ian Guest and Matt Shearer. 

GAS Labs Credentials

Strategic Roadmap Planning

We have experience of Roadmapping in multiple industries.

The FROST Innovation Framework

We defined the FROST innovation framework to help organisations innovate with their own staff.

Innovation Delivery

We've delivered innovation projects and programmes in organisations from SMEs to multinational corporations.

Matt Shearer

Matt’s background in innovation stems from the BBC in the early 2000s. From his early days launching innovation projects for BBC Education online, Matt went on to found BBC News Labs.

Distributed Computingcollaboration with Oxford Uni Atmospheric, Oceanographic & Planetary Physics on a climate change experiment.

Innovation EventsMatt’s BBC News Labs team started the #newsHACK events, a collaboration with Paul Wakely & Adrian Woolard’s Connected Studio

Innovation Technology Platforms – Matt’s News Labs team incubated many ongoing innovation projects, including the NEWS JUICER – an innovation platform which has been supporting prototypes and experiments for BBC News and partners since 2012.

Outside of GAS Labs, Matt currently freelances on innovation projects with, a worker-owned cooperative that focuses on fairness and social good, and, specialists in innovation with metadata and semantic web technologies.

Ian Guest

Ian has spent 20 years in various corporations (being less loyal to one company than Matt) 15 of which was running procurement and supply chains across multiple spends and disciplines.

This includes 6 years on supplier innovations at Allianz Plc including collaboration with multiple global suppliers.

Ian’s innovation projects have included supply chain and procurement areas with spends in the hundreds of millions.