We created the FROST Innovation Framework in 2017.

As outlined in our launch blog post on the FROST Innovation Framework, our primary goal is to help organisations deliver innovation programmes themselves, with their own staff.

What does FROST do?

The FROST Innovation Framework enables organisations to setup in-house innovation programmes easily.

The FROST Innovation Framework…

  1. Enables you to support an ongoing structured innovation pipeline
  2. Allows you to create an enjoyable culture of innovation
  3. Harnesses the talent of your staff

FROST: The Five Characteristics of a Successful Innovation Programme

  1. Focused – You articulate the challenge using the “How might we … ?” question template.
  2. Regular – You ensure that the innovation sessions are regular, recurring, and are protected against “emergencies”.
  3. Open – You ensure that the challenge is open, unrestricted, and importantly has no implementation details stipulated.
  4. Safe – Your staff and all participants, really do honestly feel safe to take risks, and to try anything they want to.
  5. Tangible – The outputs must be working prototypes of some form (NOT just pictures or people waving their arms).

The FROST Innovation Framework is built on a structured Innovation Pipeline, and Ownership

  1. Structured Pipeline – at any one time, your concepts should be generated for three timeframes.
  2. Ownership – you own the concepts, and the testing, development and delivery to market for them.

So – how do I setup the FROST Innovation Framework in my organisation?

We are currently preparing materials to enable you to do this yourself. For now, the best way is to contact us, and we can take you on the journey.

Find updates about FROST Innovation here.

FROST Innovation Framework Overview (slide from upcoming templates)

FROST Innovation Framework for self-help innovation - Overview

FROST Innovation Framework for self-help innovation – Overview